Yifang Fruit Tea creates brilliant drinks made from the best ingredients.


Named after the family’s matriarch, Yifang Fruit Tea creates brilliant drinks made from the best fragrant teas, seasonal fresh fruit, and natural ingredients (just the real – no fakes, no concentrates). But it’s more than that, it’s an understanding of tradition, craftsmanship; a beautiful way of life. A celebration of Taiwan and a proud history cultured in the wisdom that three generations of family farming pass on; intensely working closely to understand how to get the best flavors out of the fruit they harvest.

Grandma’s Secret

Golden Jam

Even though the Yi Fang tradition feels like destiny, it’s roots are humble and almost accidental, it all boils down to grandmother’s secret recipe & pragmatism of braising the overripe pineapples into a golden jam. The rest is history and it’s relived with every delightful sip of our famous fruit teas or custom beverages. Grandma’s secrets retold in the alchemy of melding aromatically rich Taiwanese teas against the luscious balance of braised fruits – hot or cold Yifang Fruit Teas are always sweet, fresh & wholly satisfying.


Hot Ginger Lemon Tea

N. Chhatrala ( Google Maps )
Got the Yifang fruit tea and the hot ginger lemon tea and both were great


Pei-Jung Chen ( Google Maps )
Fresh fruit tea is great!👍

Best boba around!

Davis Ng ( Google Maps )
best boba around. Better than purple kow, ucha, gongcha and wven sharetea!